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New liquid pumps for instrumental analysis: Up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation

New liquid pumps for instrumental analysis: Up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation

KNF, the technology leader in diaphragm pumps, is unveiling its new FF 12 and FF 20 micro diaphragm liquid pumps at Analytica 2018 in Munich. The models have been developed for systems used to supply and prepare liquid samples for analysis.

The FF 12 and FF 20 are specially designed for the safe handling of aggressive, very low-viscosity or volatile media. This makes them ideal for installation in instrumental analysis systems, as does their compact size. Various types of motor are available to choose from. In the version with the brushless DC motor, the FF pumps are capable of up to 20,000 hours of maintenance-free operation. Both models are equipped with a mounting plate with a click-on mechanism as standard, allowing them to be installed and removed without the need for any tools.

Use in sample preparation systems

The FF pumps can be used for a wide range of tasks, including the dosing and transfer of chemicals as well as the supply of cleaning fluid to tip washing stations. They also deliver high performance in the aspiration of washing fluid from tips.

The low-pulsation dosing enables high repeatability for precise and reproducible volumetric flow rates. During the design of the FF series, KNF paid particular attention to the impermeability of the pumps to ensure that they can handle even substances with a very low viscosity. The number of sealing points has been reduced to a minimum and the pump head parts are welded to ensure maximum security. All components that come into contact with the medium are chemically resistant.

Use in analysis systems for handling liquid samples

The flow rates of the FF 12 and the FF 20 can be varied at a ratio of 10:1 in the model with the brushless DC motor with IP54 protection. This enables a precise level of control especially at the lowest flow rates. The pumps are designed to transfer the samples very gently to the point of analysis, making them ideal for handling sensitive substances. The extremely high impermeability and the chemical resistance of the components that come into contact with the medium also play an important role here. On request, KNF can also provide filters and valves that are compatible with the pump.

Quickly and inexpensively adapted to customer needs

With a maximum transfer rate of approximately 140 ml/min and maximum pressure of 1 bar, the FF 12 micro diaphragm liquid pump can be used virtually anywhere. The FF 20 is ideal for use when more power is needed, operating at pressures of up to 3 bar with a transfer rate of up to 220 ml/min.

Like all KNF series models, these pumps can be adapted quickly and inexpensively to specific needs thanks to the numerous options for the motor, materials and mechanical connections offered by the company’s modular system.

Data sheet  FF12

Data sheet FF20