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Pump manufacturer KNF has founded a Future Lab

Pump manufacturer KNF has founded a Future Lab

Hamburg – KNF, technology leader in high-quality diaphragm pumps and systems for gases, vapors and liquids, has founded its new Future Lab in Hamburg. KNF Digital Acceleration Center GmbH, or DAC for short, is the result of a comprehensive and sustainable digital strategy designed to help KNF, a medium-sized family-owned company founded in Freiburg and now comprised of 16 national companies and five production sites, in facing up to the challenges of the future. The new company is intended to be a driving force in the field of digitalization and to promote the culture of innovation as well as the external impact of KNF.

The DAC is located in the coworking space WeWork. "This is a start-up culture that meets our expectations of the new working world", explains Reto Furrer, Managing Director of the DAC and CMO of the KNF Group. In such modern workplaces, freelancers, creative people, start-ups, but also established companies such as KNF go about their jobs and develop new forms of work. All those involved who rely on networking, exchange, cooperation and mutual inspiration benefit from one another.

"The DAC provides us with the new resources needed to implement our digital projects. Strongly oriented towards implementation, the new company operates like a service center for the KNF Group," explains Reto Furrer. "The DAC identifies and uses synergy effects in cross-locational projects and helps to develop the emerging digital cooperation within the group and with customers as a new corporate culture," the CMO goes on to say. KNF is also faced with the challenge of assessing how far the company can open up without endangering its advantage in know-how. "In this regard, we must always find the right balance."

The DAC is intended to unfold the philosophy of collaboration, networking and opening up inwards and outwards in actual practice, while a mutual knowledge management and innovative online marketing concepts are to be developed and permanently anchored in the company.