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We affirm that the statements made are true and complete and that I, as the signatory, am capable of evaluating such. Furthermore, I, the signatory, am authorized to submit such declarations for the company I am representing. I confirm that the KNF product sent poses no risk of bacteriological, virological, chemical or radioactive contamination. Before being dispatched, the KNF product sent for repair/maintenance was cleaned in such a way that any residual materials or substances were completely removed. If complete removal was not possible, I declare that the remaining materials or substances pose no health risks or risks with any other adverse effects to the KNF employees handling the product. Any other cleaning performed by KNF using standard commercial cleaning agents would also be harmless and cannot cause any adverse effects such as chemical reactions. I am aware that we shall be liable to KNF for damages incurred due to incomplete or incorrect information. We shall indemnify KNF for compensation claims made by third parties on account of incomplete or incorrect information. We are aware that we are directly liable to third parties independently of this declaration, including in particular the KNF employees entrusted with the handling/repair of the product.
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